In the beginning... The fears of starting from scratch in business

Just yesterday, I announced to the world (by the world I mean my 1000+ friends on Facebook, my few hundred followers on Instagram, Twitter and my network on LinkedIn) that I will be working for myself as a Freelancer/Business Owner of Crafted For More Marketing.

Last night, just before bed I suddenly felt this overwhelming sense of stress and anxiety. In that moment, I felt somewhat lost in a whirlwind of external pressure. For months I had been preparing myself for this day and it had never occurred to me that I could actually 'freak the heck out' when I finally go ahead with it. The realisation that I was stepping out and trying something different was somewhat daunting.

The concept of working for myself had been on my mind for the longest time, it stems from my early childhood when I would sell candy marked up by 50% to friends, manage stores at markets, sell crafty bits, baked goodies and second hand clothing in my front yard after school hours and on weekends, excluding myself from pocket money offered to me by my parents. Soon after school, I started a small refurbished wood business. My close friends and family will know all about this... I would get them roped in to helping me sand and paint wood, deliver products to customers and take phone calls while I was at college or work. These are just a few ventures I indulged in.

"It lead me to believe I could take the step of faith..."

During all of this, it lead me to believe that one day, I would finally take a step of faith and work for myself, solely for myself in something I am actually good at. Yet, nothing truly prepared me for this... the late night anxiety, embarrassment when talking to friends and family about my one and only client, the loneliness and boredom of working from home and the financial loss that it would have on my husband and I.

Yet, what I did realise last night after the tears, the cup of hot tea and pep talk from my partner was that all the heaviness I felt was pressure I had put on myself. The family and friends that were sharing and liking my posts and congratulating me weren't coercing me to have everything in order, expecting instant success and for me to be rich by 30 (would be great though), instead they were simply showing their support and encouragement.

Now I know this is just the beginning... In the near future, I'm sure I'll have good and bad days, months and hopefully years of this. I know that at times, I'll convince myself I made the worst decision trying to go solo, but I also believe that there will be days of fruitfulness, the days the Lord talks about in Proverbs 16: 3 "Commit to the Lord whatever you do and He will establish your plans." So basically, I got to hustle, hustle hard and commit it to God.

I am currently reading a book named: 'Called to Create' by Jordan Raynor. He invites us to create, innovate and take risks. With all this said, I'd love to hear your advice/tips/books to read on starting a business. If you're willing, please share your honest, raw experiences so perhaps myself and fellow new business owners don't feel alone in this process.