May Tuesday become your ‘Chooseday’

This morning, I woke up with anxiety. An overwhelming feeling of stress, I wanted to tuck my head back under the blanket. I thought to myself, surely I don't need to move, I'll simply order Uber Eats and just work in bed today. As some of you know, I've recently started working for myself and with that comes new thoughts, new worries and new expectations.

So each morning, I start by reading, I read material that inspires me, that helps me get out of my own head. I never read anything work related first thing in the morning because if I do, it will simply knock me out for a 6. It'll just smash, bang and boom me in to a stressful situation, so instead I read something light-hearted, something that I know can only lift me up.

After reading my daily material this morning, I thought back to Sunday (my happy day) my husband and I went to the Sunflower farm at Farm & Co Kingscliff. There we had a picnic, lay on hammocks, watch pigs playing in the mud and took silly photos amongst the sunflowers. I felt at peace, it was my rest day (which we should all feel on Sundays). I then thought to myself that I have a choice... I can choose to feel overpowered and allow myself to slip into a deep dark hole or I can choose to feel happy, joyful and at peace.

Honestly, today I'm grateful that I have the power and some control over my own thoughts.

The scary facts

Did you know... as many as 98% of our thoughts are exactly the same as we had the day before with 80% of them being negative! Damn it! We're creatures of habit!

With all the negatively thrown at us daily, we really have to choose to fight against it. Fighting negativity is a battle, a battle of the mind which only we 'ourselves' can defeat. With the chances of only around 20% of our thoughts automatically being positive each day, that leaves us with the short straw, a daily struggle. We truly have to fight, the good fight for joy!

Your thoughts...

With R U OKAY day coming up in September, I would really love to have a conversation with a business owner who feels that they can impact people around them, someone who can share methods and processes which they are using to fight against negativity. If that's you, please can we have a chat!

Today, I'd appreciate it, if you would share one 'Chooseday' tip that you use to place your mind in a positive space. Comment below!

For me it’s spending time outdoors, especially when I'm running and even though I don’t do enough of it, I know it changes my thought processes, it helps me function better, it helps me see the green light!

So today, I encourage your Tuesday to become your ‘Chooseday’. Talk about your thoughts, share them with someone, let's not just keep them to ourselves and fight the battle alone.