Why we should use storytelling strategies in Marketing

At a workshop I attended recently which was undertaken by a gentleman by the name of Jeff Licence, I learnt a critical aspect of video marketing which I thought I mostly understood, until hearing Jeff’s stories…

Jeff is the video and film production business owner of Tigermonkey Productions. His company concentrates on short films and highly interesting documentaries. What intrigued me most about Jeff was his incredible ability to tell stories, some of which were his own and others he had come across.


We've lost our minds

During the workshop, I had a glimpse of what folktale stories looked like in the modern day and age. We had the opportunity to listen to Jeff’s journey in his video productions, he shared some high’s and lows and taught us skills to survive in business, much like I imagine they would have in those days (except they would be sitting around a camp fire without pens and paper) with nothing but their own minds to store all the valuable information in. I imagine these people had incredible listening skills and instead of being taught how to use a computer, they were taught how to store information in their own computers (minds).

Unfortunately, this is a skill we don’t necessarily learn today… Instead of being encouraged to remember and store valuable information, we get taught to write it down (which in Jeff’s words “allows us to forget that information”. We carry on with our day, simply because it’s in that book, on that computer, in the email/text message so I’ve ticked it off my list.  I can now go drink coffee and be merry. 😉

The title of Jeff’s talk was “How to tell stories using video”. A very interesting story that made me feel like a well-tuned guitar being strung was about an artist, named Jandamara Cadd. Not just any ordinary artist, but one that had a unique story of his own. Jandamara was sent to prison in his younger years of which he escaped with fellow inmates, after being caught a couple of days later, him and his mates got punished.


The punishment changed his life…

During this lonely time, they were kept in a dark room for three weeks without any toilets. He came out with some serious issues, having to see a Psychiatrist. The intuitive Psychiatrist gave Jandamara some paint and a paintbrush. Through that trying experience, his journey of healing began and his eye-opening paintings show just that. What the full video: Click here

There is something extremely compelling about a story that takes you on a bumpy yet beautiful journey especially one that has a happy ending. Simply because we relate to this adventure in our lives and we too are seeking our own personal ‘happy ending’, which is different for each of us.

For a few minutes during the artist’s video interview, I lost focus on what was taking place around me, I was almost unaware that I was in my own body, I remember blinking numerous times thinking ‘where am I, what am I doing here?’ I had even forgotten about the clicking clock in the background (which usually drives me up the wall).


Share more than surface level content

Now a great story does just that, it swoops us up, it makes us forget about what’s happening around us which is something many of us seek in this day and age.

So, today I encourage you to tell stories in your posts, videos and blogs. Share more than just ‘surface level content’ because people connect to you and your brand better.

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“Our job is not to create content. It is to change the world of the people who consume it.” ~ Andrea Fryrear